NYA Membership


From the very beginning, the Academy has operated with the firm realisation that an Academy is as strong as its membership. Excellence has remained the keyword on the conscience of the Academy, and that has always been the basis for the selection of new members into the Academy. The system of recruitment of new members is a peer-review merit-based process that involves all members of the Academy. The admission rate is currently at an average of 17% of annual applications with the Academy consistently sensitizing eligible colleagues across the country about the benefits of NYA membership. This is a reflection of the strong standards that the Academy enforces.

The current membership of the Academy is comprised of individuals across all the six geopolitical zones in the country, which includes those from both the academia and research institutes.  Also, members are from diverse disciplines – natural sciences, social sciences and Arts, thus making the Academy a platform that spurs and promotes interdisciplinary collaborations/research.

Efforts geared at encouraging greater female membership amidst consideration of their specific roles as mothers are now factored into the membership admission criteria of the Academy.