As part of the mandate of the academy, which is to encourage the performance of cutting edge researches, the academy has instituted some prizes for distinguished researchers. This includes: Prof. Oyewale Tomori National Young Scientists prize for Microbiology, Prof. Friday E. Okonofua National Young Scientists prize for Health Sciences, and Prof. Kayode Adebolwale National Young Scientists prize for Chemical Sciences.

Steps to Participate:
1. Click to navigate and download any desired Prize below:
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2. Download the Form and Fill
3. Click this SUBMIT button here, you will be redirected to where you can upload the filled form.

The Academy organizes different categories of workshops and seminars in order to improve the capacity of members and other young academics and researchers. This include Capacity-building workshop, Anti-plagiarism workshop and Grant-winning research proposal writing workshop.

Being a member of the academy provides opportunities for networking with other reputable researchers. It could also serves as source of linkages to continental and global bodies with interest in research. This include the Global Young Academy, the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), and African Academy of Sciences (AAS).