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Title of Highest Degree: PhD (Petroleum Geophysics)

Institutional Affiliation: Covenant University, Km. 10, Idiroko road, Ota

Awards, fellowships and distinctions:

     (i) CAS-PIFI Postdoctoral Fellowship award 2016

     (ii) China MOST (CASTEP) Scientific research equipment award 2012

     (iii) CASTEP Research Fellow

     (iv) Young Earth Scientist (YES) Ambassador for Nigeria

     (v) CAS-IGG Research Fellow

     (vi) CAS-TWAS Postgraduate Fellowship award 2010

     (v) Geology Society of Africa (Life member - 2013)

Current research areas: Petroleum Geophysics, Environmental Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, Structural analysis and reservoir modelling

Working group: Natural Sciences and Engineering

Membership period: 2015 - 2020

Offices held:   (i) NYA Financial Secretary 2017 - 2019

                        (ii) CoC member, NYA conference 2017

Phone number(s): +234-8183388280

E-mail address(es):,,

Web - Institution: