Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) Call for Membership

Applications 2019:

The call is open to all scholars working in any research-based discipline, including the social sciences, arts, humanities, education, law, sciences, medicine, engineering etc...Read More


2019 NYA Young Researchers' Prizes:

The Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) call for applications to her National Young Researcher's Prizes in Linguistics, Microbiology, Mathematical Sciences, Chemical and Health Sciences...Read More

2.1 The Academy

The academy is a unified platform for interaction among brilliant young researchers below the age of 45 in Nigeria, who are from various disciplines and regions. The academy seeks to nurture outstanding and aspiring youthful academics and professionals towards improving the state of the nation. The academy recognizes excellence among young researchers nationally and promotes the application of collective research findings for the improvement of the quality of the society. It also plays a crucial role in building inspirational figures for a new generation of researchers.

2.2 Vision and mission


To improve the quality of life of the Nigerian society through the promotion and application of collective research findings and technology.


To foster interdisciplinary research collaborations amongst some of the nation’s best brains for the benefit of the society and increase interest in research amongst younger minds to sustain national development.


Brief History:

The Nigerian Young Academy (NYA) was established in August 2010 by the pioneering effort of the Nigeria Academy of Science (NAS), supported by Nigerian Academy of Education (NAE) and the Nigerian Academy of Engineering (NAEng). The NYA was established to provide recognition for excellence and raise the profile of young researchers in Nigeria. Additionally, members would play a crucial role as inspirational figures for a new generation of researchers and impact on the society through their research. The NYA is the unified platform for the exchange of ideas across disciplines and regions, nurturing outstanding and aspiring youthful researchers and professionals towards improving the state of the nation.